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Sniper Drilling Motors

Sniper Drilling Motors (a division of IAE International, Inc.) is pleased to offer our customers and clientele a customized line of down-hole drilling motors, manufactured in accordance with our own unique design specifications, which focus on maximizing speed, torque and superior endurance, no matter how harsh the environment. Sniper Drilling Motors are “combat tough”.

The Sniper line of drilling motors offers our customers the best in class, including:

  • A full spectrum of options in size ranging from 1-11/16” OD to 9-5/8” OD
  • A competitive, rugged design engineered for maximum life and impeccable performance
  • Significant savings in drilling time as a result of advanced design features and excellent reliability
  • A product with the diversity and flexibility to excel in all drilling environments
  • The utilization of the highest quality of materials, including forged steel drive shafts, which reduces wear and tear and down-time for servicing
  • A leading multi-catch safety mechanism which reduces the probability of residual motor parts left in the drill string in the event of connection failure
  • Field proven power section designs which efficiently maximize the amount of speed and torque being transmitted to the drill bit
  • A flow through bearing design utilizing tungsten carbide radial bearings and a bi-directional thrust stack which significantly reducing wear and improves durability and consistency in performance